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    about title

        ZHEJIANG HUINONGSI KNITTING UNDERWEAR CO.,LTD(Hers Intimate manufacturer Co.,Ltd) was established in 1996 by Mr.Lou QinMing,who is the PIONEER in China’s seamless industry imported Itanlian SANTONI and SAMGIACOMO seamless knitting cylinders.The factory  located in High-Tech Park of YiWu Economic Development Zone,China.
        The company has awarded ISO 9001-2000 and owns over 80 sets of Seamless knitting machines,over 260 sets of sewing equioments,such as Brothers,Pegasus,Heavyweiht,Owa...

    service title

    Hers intimate’s products cover a big range of product series of seamless such as regular intimate underwear like ladies’s Thongs,Slips, Boxers,Camisoles,
    Winter Inner-wears,Sports-wear,T-shirts,Swim-wear,Shaper(slim & lift),Fashion wears,Men’s T-shirts,Tank-Tops,Boxers,Briefs,Children’s underwear etc,and
    other unique seamless underwear.

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